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Cyber Civil Rights

Cyber Civil Rights
  • You are the commodity. Companies like Facebook and Google make billions of dollars every year by selling your data to advertisers.
  • Oftentimes, these giant data corporations fail to take the proper precautions necessary to ensure your information is protected and secure. 
  • My proposed Cyber Civil Rights Act will ensure your rights are not violated, and will hold those who do violate your rights accountable with the full weight of the United States government.


The ever-presence of the Internet has resulted in a social media surveillance apparatus that hungrily collects as much of our data as possible. 

Hostile foreign and domestic actors have abused the commoditization of data in ways that render individuals defenseless and susceptible to a wide variety of threats, from identity theft to covert information warfare. For the purpose of both national security and civil rights, our government and the corporations that offer services within our nation must work in tandem to protect the Cyber Civil Rights of the People.


In 2013, Edward Snowden was our canary in the gold mine for what was to come. 

Rather than take heed of the warnings and examine the content of Snowden’s leaks, the conversation pivoted towards Snowden himself. 


The leaks of 2013 warned us all that our data could be used against us in malicious ways. 

If Congress had not been asleep at the wheel, we would have been better prepared to handle the ongoing foreign psychological propaganda attack on our nation. To this day, nothing much has been accomplished to protect Americans from misuse of their data.

To some tech corporations, you are the product they sell.

Tech companies are permitted to collect your data. They are permitted to sell and use the data they collect about you to make a profit. They use your data to put ads in front of your face that are most likely to get a response from you. They use your data to abuse natural risk-reward functions in your brain that make it more likely you use their service again.

They get all of the reward with none of the risk.

Tech companies do all of this to and with your data – but they aren’t truly held accountable when data they collected about you is stolen and misused. 

The collapse of Net Neutrality has further eroded the Cyber Civil Rights of Americans. 

With Internet service providers now free to cherry-pick how fast each website and application can run on their wireless service, Americans are forced into using the platforms that the service providers choose to provide full speed data rates to. The result is service providers further building up their media monopolies by ensuring any and all competitors are given bare minimum data speeds.

In the 21st Century, we must ensure that the Cyber Civil Rights of the American People are fully protected with the weight of the United States government.

It has become painfully obvious that our elected officials have no intention of addressing the issue of Cyber Civil Rights.  

Information that you share online is owned by you

Not the company who wrote the code of the website or application. Any misuse or exploitation of that data breaches your Cyber Civil Rights


Allowing internet service providers to pick and choose what you can see on the Internet breaches your Cyber Civil Rights.

Furthermore, the websites and applications you have access to should not be determined by your internet provider. Internet service must be provided to all users equally, regardless of who owns the site or app being used. 


In addition to supporting the full revival and encoding into law of Net Neutrality, I propose the Cyber Civil Rights Act.

Cyber Civil Rights must be encoded into law and those who violate them must be held accountable.

The Cyber Civil Rights of the American People must be formally recognized and protected. 

The only way is by passing the Cyber Civil Rights Act. Failing to do so not only puts individual American citizens at risk but also threatens the social fabric and national security of our nation. 


The following terms are central to the Cyber Civil Rights Act and establishing complete Cyber Privacy for Americans.

Data: any information regarding a Data Originator, including metadata, that is mined by a Data Consumer. 
Mine or mined (and all other verb tenses included): the act of discretely or explicitly sharing, collecting, or storing information of a Data Originator through the use of a cyber product or service. 
Data Originator: the individual who has their information mined through the use of a cyber service or product (this is the user: you). 
Data Consumer: a cyber service, product, platform, or company that mines the information of a Data Originator (such as Facebook or Google).


The key points of the Cyber Civil Rights Act are set out as: 

1. Maximum privacy must be the default setting. 
2. Both mass categorical control and detailed individual control of all data points must be provided to the Data Originator. 
3. Data Originator must be provided with accurate estimates of the market value of each data point and cumulative data categories. 
4. Data Consumers may use data only for purposes that are clearly defined and lawfully legitimate, while ensuring maximum transparency to Data Originator. 
5. Data Consumers are responsible for proper protection and use of all data that is mined on their cyber product or service, and are the sole liable party if data is exploited in any way that violates the principles laid out herein. 
6. Data Consumers must delete data once it has been used for the purpose it was mined. 
7. Data Consumers may not request personal data from Data Originator other than what is necessary for their product or service. 
8. Data Consumers must record all data breaches and report them to regulators and Data Originators within 48 hours of discovering the breach.

Enforcement of Cyber Civil Rights will be dual-pronged.

Focusing on holding both the corporations and the corporate executives who allow the Cyber Civil Rights of the users on their platforms to be violated. Corporations will be fined harshly, while their executives will be sanctioned from further investing into businesses, prohibited from traveling abroad, and possibly jailed. The future of American national security and the privacy of American citizens must be protected with the full weight of the United States government. 


The breadth of the Cyber Civil Rights Act will be as broad as possible, covering all businesses and corporations across every industry. 

Situations such as the organized and systemic fraud conducted by Wells Fargo, where they used their client information to open fake bank accounts without any permission, would result in the top executives being treated proportionally to the crimes they coerced their employees to commit.


That is why I propose, and wholeheartedly support, a Cyber Civil Rights Act

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