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Health Care for All

Health Care for All
  • If health care is a human right, we must begin to act as such. Allowing corporations to warp the interests of our Representatives holds back any progress towards a better health care system.
  • The Affordable Care Act has not nearly gone far enough in providing Americans with the best care possible at the best price. Americans still pay much more than any other developed nation, and if they can’t afford it they put their lives at risk. 
  • Medicare for All is the answer to this crisis that the American People desperately need. No one should have their life ruined because of health care costs.


Health care costs in the United States have spiraled out of control. 

The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, may have slowed down the rate of increasing costs but it did little to address the core, long-term drivers of it. Rampant corruption, driven by greed, has plagued the health industry to a point where the single appropriate response is a complete restructuring of health care in America. 


The only legitimate, long-term solution is Medicare for All.

Legislative half-measures, cowardly leadership, and the 2010 legalization of corporate bribery in the Citizens United Supreme Court case have melded together to become the complex behemoth of a problem Americans are now faced with. Quarter after quarter, the corporations at the center of American health care post billions of dollars in profits – oftentimes breaking records – while stuffing the pockets of our leaders, motivating them to turn a blind eye to the People struggling every day just to make ends meet.

Health care is a human right. 

And it has been treated as such in every major developed country, except the United States of America, for over seven decades. Being unable to afford prescriptions or treatment is the cause of thousands of American deaths every single year. Almost 20% of America is faced with this harrowing possibility every single day of their lives. 

The citizens of Middlesex and Monmouth counties are burdened with thousands of dollars in deductibles, copays, and general health expenses, just like most across the nation. 

These costs are spun out of the giant wheel of profit that the health industry winds, mostly due to the financial incentives currently built into the system that promote our current superficial and shallow symptom management. The goal of insurance and pharmaceutical corporations to make as much money as possible traps truly empathetic health professionals into a position that works directly against timely root-cause identification.

Double-dipping into Federal corporate welfare programs must end.

The pharmaceutical industry additionally benefits from Federal subsidies towards the research and development of new medications. These corporations generally go on to patent the drugs they developed using tax-payer money, which provides them with legal cover to price gouge the American People. Such behavior is the very explicit, outright expression of corporate greed. 

Each and every one of us knows the ultimate result of these injustices. 

We must often choose between going to the doctor or going hungry. We must often choose whether or not our health is worth the hit to our savings. The damage this does to the trust Americans have in our health care is irreconcilable. For the wealthiest nation in all of human history, this is simply unacceptable. 

We can do better. Much better.

The implementation of Medicare for All, as laid out in House Resolution 1384 (2019), is our absolute best bet moving forward. Effectively acting as a tax break to the American People, the thousands of dollars in annual health premiums, deductibles, copays, prescriptions, and more will be replaced by a small increase in taxes. The benefit will be incalculable, as collectively millions of American household dollars will be freed up to be redirected towards other costs that are currently struggling to be paid.


I stand in full support of Medicare for All. 

The near complete abolition of administrative health care fees, which currently make up over $700 billion dollars in national American health care expenses, will also help to make Medicare for All possible. The standardization of reimbursement rates, to be readjusted on a yearly basis, in tandem with the reallocation of all private health care related employer tax breaks towards the Medicare for All option will be key in providing every American with quality, affordable health care.
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