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Green New Deal

Green New Deal
  • Oil Barons have covered up the truth for decades. The world has already entered the Sixth Mass Extinction, which has been directly tied to human related climate change. We must acknowledge the science and act, or face the species-threatening consequences.
  • New Jersey will be among the first areas to experience the devastating effects of the climate crisis. In fact, New Jersey is one of a few states that has already begun to see environmental shifts.
  • As a nation, the United States must acknowledge its place in the ongoing climate crisis. Acting boldly and swiftly by 2030, not 2050, is what we must do to stop the Earth from crossing the deadly 1.5 Celsius increase in global temperature.


The science is real. We are facing a climate crisis that is the existential threat of our times. 

To ensure the survival of our species and society the United States must, along with the rest of world, fully confront the climate crisis head on. There is simply no other option. The only thing with the power to stop us from pushing our planet to the brink is ourselves. 


Environmental scientists already agree that we are past the point of no return. No matter what we do from here out, we have irreversibly damaged Earth’s environments.

Environmental scientists already agree that the Earth is undergoing a Sixth Mass Extinction, related directly to the rise of humans, as thousands upon thousands of species disappear permanently at record rates across the globe. Environmental scientists already agree that if we fail to make significant changes before 2030, the damage to Earth’s environments will be catastrophic. 

This is not something that can wait 30 years. This is not something that can be pushed off. It is happening NOW.

We are 50 years ahead of what scientific models predicted. The Greenland ice sheet is melting at levels scientists didn’t expect to see until 2070. As the largest per capita carbon emitting country and second largest total carbon emitter, the United States must act quickly and decisively. 

Transformational change is necessary by 2030. 2050 is too late. That is what the science tells us.

If we fail to rise to this challenge, our world and all of its ecosystems will be permanently damaged beyond repair. We are destroying the ecological structures that support our prosperity. Bold action must be taken now to prevent this worst case scenario. Our best chance at averting the death of Earth’s environments is a Green New Deal.

Middlesex and Monmouth counties will be among the first areas to experience the devastating effects of an out of control Climate Crisis. 

New Jersey as a whole is already bearing the burden of being on the environmental frontlines. Hotter yearly temperatures allow ticks and mosquitos to live longer, increasing the likelihood of deadly disease transmission. Rising water levels are going to drastically reshape our shorelines. This is what we are facing now – not in 30 years.


Minority communities expected to be among the very first impacted, as well as employees of coal mines and other fossil fuel companies, will be prioritized by a Green New Deal. 

Ensuring justice for those who will bear the greatest effects of the climate crisis and those who the burden of a transition to a green economy will directly impact means promising that they will also be first in line for the millions of jobs that will ultimately be created.

The American People cannot afford further inaction and procrastination on this issue. 

Entrenched oil companies, such as Exxon and Shell, projected nearly the exact levels of carbon monoxide we have today over 30 years ago, and hid evidence of their research. The 2010 Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United has further allowed these modern Oil Barons to buy out political influence through a form of legalized bribery.

We must take on and defeat the Oil Barons and the Climate Crisis. 

Actively taking on the task of moving to a 100% sustainable economy, upgrading all of our infrastructure, and investing in technologies to capture greenhouse gases will, in the end, create vastly more wealth than what will be put into it. Accomplishing this here at home would position the United States as a global leader in sustainable technologies. 


The United States can fuel a global Sustainable Revolution.

Transforming America into a central hub for green technology around the world will ensure millions of Americans have high quality jobs for years to come, while promising us a future that isn’t defined by environmental degradation and societal collapse.
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