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College For All

College For All
  • A high school education no longer provides Americans with the skills required for long-term success in achieving the American Dream. College has become a baseline necessity for young adults.
  • With collectively over a trillion dollars in student debt racked up, American students and college graduates are being forced to delay becoming independent and building out their families.
  • Eliminating college debt and establishing College for All will reinvigorate youth involvement in the economy and position the United States as competitive global power for decades to come.


For over a century, public education has played an instrumental role in the continued prosperity of the American people. 

The social fabric of the United States is intimately connected with the ability of our fellow Americans to learn and grow within educational institutions provided to everyone, free of cost. 


It is commonly agreed upon that the education of all our citizens benefits the whole of society, not just the individual. 

More opportunities for success naturally arise when everyone is educated, as people with knowledge are better prepared for all aspects of life – from starting a business, to making smarter decisions for an employer, or having the ability to recognize information that has been distorted and warped.

A college education has become the baseline for American employment, yet our education system remains stuck in the past.

Americans were once able to graduate from high school and find a well-paying job that they could use to build their life with. In the 21st Century, that is sadly no longer the case. High school diplomas simply do not carry the weight they once did. 

High school education was never intended to provide the skills for highly specialized career paths.

The primary trend contributing to the obsolescence of high school education is the outsourcing and automation of blue collar jobs. The disappearance of factory-based employment has brought about the age of part-time and gig-based labor, neither of which provide Americans with the long-term stability of a decent income. 

There is absolutely no other way to view this other than as the enormous economic time-bomb it is.

To further complicate the situation, the cost of a college education has steadily risen over the last several decades. College may have cost a few thousand dollars a year in the 1970s, but today it costs at least $20,000 – all while wages have stagnated. All of this together has created the 2019 reality where young Americans are collectively more than a trillion dollars in debt, stuck working jobs that barely cover the interest of their loans. 

The only meaningful response is twofold: eliminating all student loan debt and establishing a College for All system. 

Simply freeing Americans from the burden of their student debts would, alone, be an enormous economic boon. It would allow those who received college educations to focus on building their life, their communities, and their families. Furthermore, to ensure all Americans are given access to the education needed for success in the 21st Century, all public colleges and universities must be made available at no cost to students. 

College for All is absolutely necessary if the United States is serious about remaining a competitive global power. 

No other developed nation burdens their students with debt like we do here. An educated populace isn’t just required for economic prosperity, but is also key for strong national security. The importance of education to the future of the United States cannot be understated. To maintain our global edge, both economic and militarily, Americans must be provided with the proper education. We must invest in our future, and this is where we start.
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