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End the War on Drugs

End the War on Drugs
  • The War on Drugs is a War on Us. Decades of drug criminalization and categorization of the victims of this War as criminals has brought America to the brink. 
  • This globally misguided American-led crusade on an enemy that could never possibly die resulted in the international fallout we are experiencing today: governments destabilized by paramilitary forces, funded by the black market for illegal substances, ultimately cause mass immigration northward from Latin American nations.
  • Providing communities with access to specialized doctors and facilities will be a major step in alleviating the suffering of American families.


For almost 60 years, the United States has chased the specter of drug criminalization over rehabilitation. 

Millions of lives have been lost, while many millions more have been incarcerated and thrown in prison. It is beyond time to acknowledge that the War on Drugs has become a War on Us.


It has only gotten worse.

Lax regulation on pharmaceutical companies and the 2010 legalization of corporate bribery in the Citizens United Supreme Court case have bolstered the offensive being fought against the American People. With legal addictive substances flooding the streets, and money stuffing politicians’ pockets encouraging them to turn a blind eye, it was only a matter of time before already existing drug issues ballooned into an uncontrollable crisis.

Monmouth and Middlesex counties are on the frontlines of this war. 

For years now we have endured an unending stream of overdose deaths and been subjected to overt use of force by authorities. And for what? The situation has continued on unabated. It is worse today than it was yesterday and only continues to deteriorate further. Families and lives are being shattered at an unbelievable rate and nothing significant is being done to end our community’s pain. 

Black market drug money is a major motivator for organized criminal activity. 

Exacerbating the problem even further is the fact that the United States has pushed the War on Drugs at an international level. This deadly combination of a lucrative black market for illicit substances and unceasing American demand for those illicit substances has enabled the rise of rogue paramilitary forces that now have unprecedented power in Mexico and South America. Using their drug money, these groups have gained enough influence within their countries to render their governments moot. 

The answer to all of these problems is very simple: END THE WAR ON DRUGS.

The criminalization of illicit substances has directly lead to a domino effect, wherein the citizens of those Latin American nations no longer feel safe in their own home. They worry that men with automatic rifles and military-grade gear will bust down their front door to take their sons on the day they turn 6. No one in their right mind would stay in a place like that. The logical conclusion for these people is to go somewhere safer: northward to America.


The War on Drugs has become a War on Us, the People. And it must end. 

Limiting the production of addictive legal pharmaceuticals (like opioids), enforcing strict regulations on their medical usage, and legalizing the hard drugs would lift a tremendous burden off our shoulders. 

If they can’t make money off it, they won’t sell it. It is that simple. 

We need accessible, state-of-the-art rehabilitation centers that provide direct oversight of the use of addictive substances. We need doctors who are trained specifically in caring for victims of drug addiction, and they must be made available in every American community free of cost. We need to remove the black market financial incentives that encourage cartels and other illegal organized propagators to sell these substances to begin with. 

Our families, our neighbors, our friends are suffering. 

These misguided policies must be brought to an end if we are to truly address the root cause of this ongoing tragedy. No community in the United States has been left untouched. We must undertake a tremendous effort to correct these wrongs and end the senseless pain being forced upon American families.
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