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Bringing the Political Revolution to New Jersey

Zac Roeill is running for Congress to reclaim the future for everyday Americans.

Zac Roeill 2020 is uniting the people of Middlesex and Monmouth to champion average families facing extraordinary uphill struggles. Modernized healthcare, first-rate employment, a green economy, accessible higher education, and justice for all stand at the forefront of what we will achieve together — without a single cent of corporate money. Standing side by side, we will bring our vision of a just and principled nation to life.

Prioritizing the concerns of New Jersey families means we must face the destructive and self-serving forces of big money head-on. There is simply no other way to do this.

Big money PACs with secretive lobbyists and career politicians of corrupt political machines fear us. They fear OUR power. They know that together we can dismantle the unjust system they’ve worked so hard to build and protect. By putting all of our effort and faith into everyday communities, working families, and the incredible individuals at the center of it all, we know that we are running an impactful campaign that will improve the lives of all Americans.

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Average Americans deserve leadership who stands up for them, no matter the political cost.

The wealthiest nation on the planet should not sit idly by as middle and working class people struggle to make ends meet.

The time is now for NJ-6 to have genuine representation, liberated from wealthy corporate interests — a representative who not only grew up in our community but also understands the needs of modern Americans, and is committed to never accepting anything less than the absolute best for the people of Middlesex and Monmouth.

As an innovator, problem solver, grassroots organizer, Democratic Socialist, member of the LGBTQ Community, and proud Central Jersey native, I am running to champion the interests of middle and working class families in Congress.